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We Focus On - Violenece Against Women

Violence against women with disabilities can range from neglect to physical abuse to denying them even the traditional roles of marriage and childbearing. The Indian legal framework has to be strengthened to bring it in line with international legislations on the rights of disabled women Concerns of women with disabilities continue to remain marginal in India. They have neither been espoused by the feminist movement nor the disability movement and have largely remained “hidden” and “silent”. (1) Women with disabilities face discriminatory treatment vis-à-vis women and men without disabilities, and men with disabilities. According to the Indian Census of 2001, women constitute 42.457% of the total population of persons with disabilities in India. (2) Despite the numbers, their voices remain unheard and the existing legal framework fails to address specific problems faced by women with disabilities.


Join the Network to raise awareness on rights of women with disabilities and advocacy to empower the 80 million girls & women with disabilities of India. United We Stand Together!



What We Focus On

WWDIN India works in the areas of:
Violenece Against Women
Work and Employment

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