Welcome to WWDIN

Who We Are

The Women With Disabilities India Network

The WWDIN is a diverse group of women with disabilities who have come together from different parts of India to form an independent platform. The Network was initiated by Shanta Memorial Rehabilitation Centre (SMRC) in 2012. Since then it has grown multifold and has more than 450 women with disabilities in the Network.


To work with solidarity on gender issues with an aim to create a world that is non-violent just and equal. To build together on our knowledge to inform the Indian Parliament, Government officials, public and UN bodies on issues where we (Women with Disabilities) have developed a common stand.

Teased, denied, looked down upon, spoken about instead of spoken to, we experience the combined disadvantages associated with gender as well as disability. Dignity as a right, a far reality for most women with disabilities (WwDs) irrespective of class, caste & place of stay.